Mobile Home Registration

Mobile Home Registration is required by all mobile home owners, including homes inside the incorporated areas of the County. Power companies will verify mobile home registration with the County Tax Collector's office prior to turning the power on for the home.

Registration Costs

The cost of registering a mobile home includes both the annual registration fee and tax. The annual registration fee is either $2 or $13 depending on the type of Roll. The taxes due are also determined by the Mobile Home Roll which is based on the Mississippi Department of Revenue's Mobile Home Schedule.

  1. Own - Purchased New
  2. Own -Traded
  3. Do Not Own

own the property On Real Estate 'Land' Roll

If purchase only mobile home after January 1 of current year

(I.e. owned land before)


  • After January 1 of the following year: $13 to transfer registration (one time fee)


  • Based on assessment of property and home by Tax Assessor
  • Prior year mobile home taxes must be paid in full

Registration Requirements

Purchased New or Used from Dealer

In State Purchases

  • Bill of sale from dealer
  • Title Application (copy)
  • Photo identification for all parties

Out of State Purchases

  • Title (given to owner or mailed)
  • All documents associated with Title
  • Bill of sale from dealer
  • Photo Identification for all parties

Purchased Used from Individual

  • 1999 or higher model
  • Original Title
  • Notarized Bill of Sale
  • Proof of taxes paid
  • Any outstanding taxes must be paid in full before registration can take place
  • Photo identification for all parties
  • Some older mobile homes may have titles, if so it will be required