Annual Sale of Delinquent Taxes

All fiscal year taxes that have not been paid by the last Friday before the tax sale will be auctioned at the County's annual Tax Sale. After a lien has been sold, the owner of the property has two years from the purchase date to pay the taxes plus the interest (1.5% per month) accrued up to that date through the Chancery Clerk's office.

Property owners are required to pay their delinquent taxes (oldest first) prior to paying their current year taxes.


  • If the owner of the property does not pay the taxes within 2 years from the purchase date the purchaser can acquire the property.
  • If the owner of the property does pay the taxes within 2 years from the purchase date, the purchaser will be reimbursed the initial amount of the lien plus 1.5% interest on that initial amount, not to include the overbid.

Date & Location of Sale

The tax lien sale is held online beginning the last Monday of August each year and runs until all delinquent parcels have been sold. The sale usually lasts between five and seven days.

Online Registration begins the Last Monday in July.
Sign up and register online

Online web training will be available to the public on a daily basis. You can sign up for training online.

In-Person Registration in the Tax Collector's Office begins the Wednesday before the sale begins.

Online Auction Benefits

  • Access the auction from any device (phone, tablet, or computer)
  • Google Streetview Integration instantly shows pictures of the property and surrounding neighborhood.
  • Purchase liens from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Access property tax roll data instantly.
  • Bidder dashboard tracks activity and purchases in real-time.
  • Enter max bids ahead of time to streamline the bidding process.


A listing of approximately 5,000 parcels is advertised in the local paper, The Mississippi Press, on the two Wednesdays preceding the sale.

Accepted Payment

  • Cash
  • Cashier's check
  • Check
  • Discover Cards
  • MasterCard
  • Money order
  • Visa

Please Note

If using a credit card each transaction will incur a convenience fee. This fee is not assessed by your government. Mississippi State Law prohibits the tax collector from paying credit or debit card fees. When paying with a credit or debit card, a separate non-refundable 3% convenience fee will be charged to your card as payment to the credit card company for processing your transaction.

End of Sale

One the tax sale ends the Tax Collector turns everything over to the Chancery Clerk's Office.