When You Receive a Juror Summons

The Jury Duty letter will have a summons date. Please call the following numbers after 6 p.m. You will be told if and when you are expected to report.

  • Circuit Court Phone: 228-769-3044 or 800-696-3044
  • County Court Phone: 228-769-3204 or 800-696-3204

You must call the night before you are summoned to court and each night thereafter.

Excuses from Jury Service

All citizens are obligated to take part in seeing that justice is done. Therefore, only legal excuses provided by law should be presented. In general these include:

  • Illness, or presence required at home
  • Personal hardship
  • Emergency
  • Served on jury duty (on actual trial of a case) in this court in last two years
  • Over the age of 65 years and you desire to claim this personal exemption


  • A juror is paid a nominal fee by a pay warrant for their services
  • The Circuit Clerk keeps a daily record of the jurors who serve


A Trial Juror's Handbook will be distributed to every prospective juror. The handbook explains the Trial Process in more detail and outlines the rules and expectations of a juror while in court and after the trial. For a copy of the Handbook please contact the Circuit Clerk's office at 228-769-3040