Jury Duty

Jury duty is civic duty to our neighbors and friends. To serve well as a juror is to carry on a great tradition of human liberty. The responsibility is heavy, but the reward of serving your community, and doing a necessary job makes it all abundantly worth while.

Types of Cases

Jurors are called upon to try two types of cases - civil and criminal. A juror will not know which type of case they will be serving on and it may change from one day to the next. Civil cases are usually disputes between two or more parties concerning monies, damages for injures, or property. 

Criminal Cases are filed in the name of the State of Mississippi on an indictment returned by the Grand Jury charging that person, or persons, called defendants, committed the particular crime.

Because crime is a violation of State Law there is specific punishment for the guilty.

Juror Qualifications

Prospective Juror Requirements

  • 21+ years of age
  • Can read and write
  • Not a convicted felon, habitual drunkard, or common gambler
  • Has not been convicted of the illegal sale of (or does not have interest in) alcoholic beverages in the last five years
  • Does not have a case pending in this court

Prospective Juror Selection

Prospective jurors' names are drawn at random - by lot or chance - from a jury wheel. Therefore, an individual may never be called to serve and others may be called several times. If you are selected to report for jury duty you will receive a letter from the Circuit Clerk.