K9 Units

Anderson and Beau SM

K9 Unit

Jackson County Sheriff's Department has 4 new K9 units since retiring Iris, Aragon, and Tino. The first of which is Beau. 


Beau is a 2-year old chocolate lab trained in narcotics detection. He responds to commands in German.   


Deputy Will Anderson. 

Deputy Anderson has been with the Jackson County Sheriff's Department since 2017.  


K9 Unit

The second of the three new K9 Units is Lars.


Lars is a Dutch Shepard, born in Poland, and receives commands in English and German. He is 3 years old with drug and apprehension skills.    


Deputy Glen Montgomery

Deputy Montgomery has been with the Department since 2018. 

Landry and Markos SM

K9 Unit

The third new K9 unit is Markos.


Markos is a 3 year old Belgian Malinois with narcotics and apprehension skills. His commands are in German. Markos is also a member of the Emergency Services Unit.


Deputy Jonathon Landry

Deputy Landry has been with the Department for 9 years.



K9 Unit

The fourth and newest K9 unit is Sniper.


Sniper is a 5-year old Belgian Malinois, born in the Netherlands. Trained in narcotics detection, patrol, and tracking, follows commands in Dutch


Deputy Jessie Diaz

Deputy Diaz and Sniper are new additions to the Department but have served together at another agency.

Jackson County Sheriff's Department K9 Units

These K9 Units are assigned to the Jackson County Sheriff's Department, they are available to other agencies as needed.