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  • Vehicle Registration (Tags) or
    Real Estate (Property) Taxes

Monday - Friday

8:00 AM - 4:50 PM

  • Titles, Mobile Home Registration or
    New Privilege Licences

Monday - Friday

8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Vehicle Registration

Registering a Vehicle

  • Family Members may pick up your tag.
  • Friends with written permission may pick up your tag.
  • If your name is on the title, then you must be present to sign your name on the Title Application. Otherwise, a Power of Attorney Form must be presented.

When do I need to register a vehicle without incurring a penalty?

  • Newly Purchased Vehicles: 7 Working days from Purchase Date (exclusive of delivery date)
  • Moving from Out-of-State: 30 days of becoming resident or vehicle entering the State.
  • Renewals: 15 days from expiration *

    * Owner can still be ticketed within this 15 day period.

What is required to register a vehicle?

  • Payment of all fees. (Taxes, registration, title transfer, etc.. are due at the time of registration)
  • State issued Photo ID
  • Special Tag Proof (If you wish to have a special tag)
  • Power of Attorney Form(if somebody else is appearing for you to sign title applications)
  • The following:
Vehicles purchased from...
  • Mississippi Dealer
    • Title Application
  • Out of State Dealer
    • Title or MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin
    • Bill of Sale (used to calculate tax rate of:)
      • 5% for automobiles, motor homes & pickup trucks
      • 7% for boats, MC, trailers and campers
    • Odometer Statement
  • An Individual
    • Title
      • VIN# is used to calculate taxes, MSRP may be needed
      • Sales tax is collected on vehicles purchased from individuals at rate of 5%
New vehicles prev. registered in owner's name...
  • Renewals
    • Renewal Notice or
    • Tag # or
    • Title or
    • VIN
  • Moved in from Out-of-State
    • Title or Name and Address of Lien Holder
    • Current Registration
    • Odometer Reading

The Tax Collector's office will provide the following at the time of registration:

  • Renewal Notice(This is a courtesy service)
    • Mailed 1 month prior to expiration
  • Application for Certificate of Title (unless purchased from a Mississippi Dealer)
    • Tax Collector will complete for owner to sign
    • Application will be sent to the State Tax Commission
  • Assessments of necessary taxes and valuation which are included on.
  • Road and Bridge Privilege Receipt (Owner's receipt after payment)

Do we register golf carts, four wheelers and other such vehicles?

  • Four Wheelers & Golf Carts - A title is required, but they are not tagged (registered)
  • Jet Skis & Boats - The Wild Life Game Management titles and registers these types of vehicles, we furnish the necessary form to send to the State

What will it cost to register a vehicle?

Residents will pay the following taxes and fees when they register a vehicle:

  • Privilege Taxes
  • Registration Fees
  • Ad Valorem Taxes (based on Assessed Valuation of the vehicle and local millage rates)
  • Legislative Tag Credit (determined by the State Tax Commission each year)
  • Penalties (when applicable)
  • Additional Fees when applicable ( Title Transfer - $10, Mailing Fees, Revenue Sharing Tags, Use Tax, Sales Tax, Motorcycles/AT - $50 )

Renewing Tags

When does an owner get a new tag when they move to another county?

The recommendation is that the owner wait until renewal time and go into the tax collector's office and give the new location information and receive a new tag. If the owner wants a new tag immediately, then they can go into the tax collector's office with their tag, pay a sub-tag fee, and receive a sub tag with the new county name on it. The renewal month will stay the same.

Where do I renew a tag?

Online Car Tag Renewal

In Person:

Main Office

2915 Canty Street

Pascagoula, MS 39567-4239

West Jackson County Office

6912 Washington Avenue

Ocean Springs, MS 39564-2133

Drive Up Window Available

By Mail:

P.O. Box 998

Pascagoula, MS 39568-0998

Handicap Tags & Placards

Permanent Disability: Individuals may apply for a disability tag/placard using the "Mississippi Disabled Parking Application Form." This form must be certified by the applicant's physician or nurse practitioner as being permanently disabled. Permanently disabled individuals may receive two disability tags and two placards.

Temporary Disability: Individuals may apply for a temporary disability placard (red) using the "Mississippi Disabled Parking Application Form." The form must be certified by the applicant's physician or nurse practitioner as being temporarily disabled. This placard is issued in six-month increments.

Additionally, in both cases, the owner of a vehicle who has a disabled child, parent, or spouse living with them may be issued a disabled license tag/placard. The applicant's child, parent, or spouse must have certification from a licensed physician or nurse practitioner.

Military Exemption on Tags

Members of the Military can qualify for an exemption from ad valorem taxes -- they still must pay Privilege Taxes, Registration Fees, Title Transfers, and any other required fees.

Who is eligible?

  • Any number of military who is a legal resident of another state, but is stationed and registers his/her vehicle in Mississippi
  • Does not apply to legal residents of Mississippi who register their vehicle in Mississippi

What proof is required?

  • A "Letter of Domicile" from their military legal office
  • Military member's name must be on the registration (join ownership and lease agreements are allowed as long as the military person's name is on the registration)

Specialty Car Tags

Can a specialty tag be transferred from one car to another if both cars are owned by the same person?

Only specialty tags can be reissued to another car as long as the owner is the same. The special tag fee, if there is one, will be charged as if a new tag is issued. The fee does not transfer, but the tag can be reissued. We do this for the benefit of the owner since some people memorize their tag numbers. If they do not want to keep the same tag, issue a new one. The process is the same. Surrender the tag off the old car and register it to the new car. The old car would receive a different tag (if they kept the old car) for a fee of $10 if it's not renewal time.

Can a person qualify for more than one special tag?

Yes. If someone qualifies for a retired armed forces and a DAV tag, they can place each tag on a separate vehicle. The restrictions are limited to the qualifications of the person and the number of tags they can receive (1). This is true for DAV and ex-POWs. If a person qualifies for two exempt tags, they can place each on a separate vehicle. The exception to this is the Pearl Harbor & Purple Heart. These tags share the same section number and because of the wording in the section, a person can only receive one or the other.

What Specialty Tags are available and how much do they cost?

Contact the Tax Collector's Office for more information on specialty tags and prices.