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Shelter Locations

1. East Jackson County

18413 Highway 613

Hurley, MS 39555

2. Central Jackson County

5500 Ballpark Road

Vancleave, MS 39565

3. West Jackson County

13000 Walker Road

Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Downlodable Resources

Evacuation Zone Legend

Zone 1RedRed
Zone 2GreenGreen
Zone 3BlueBlue

Hurricane Evacuation

Shelter Map

The three shelters shown on this map are Primary Shelter Locations. Alternate locations will be opened only if these locations reach capacity. If you have the option, best practice is to evacuate the area altogether rather than going to a shelter. Maps are available on the left side bar to assist with your evacuation efforts.

Evacuation Zones

You can see what evacuation zone your in by typing your address into the search box above the map. A marker will be placed where your address is, and the color it's in will help you determine what zone your in.

It's important to become familiar with which zone your residence is in. Authorities will announce the evacuation of these zones, so becoming familiar with them will help you know when to evacuate.

Zone 1 (Red) will be the first zone evacuated in a hurricane emergency, followed by zone 2 (green), and then zone 3 (blue). Residents outside of these zones may be asked to evacuate depending upon the severity of the storm.