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Good communication with our residents, property owners, and employees is a top priority for the County. If you’re viewing this web-page right now, then you already understand the importance of communication. This website is just one of the tools the County uses to communicate with its citizens. It gives you access to many of our other tools including news releases, a calendar of events, and public presentations.

The County directs most of its communications and advertising through its Public Information Officer (PIO). The PIO reports to the County Administrator but routinely receives projects from the Board of Supervisors. During the emergencies (severe weather, industrial accidents, etc.) the PIO works directly with the Civil Defense Director to convey safety and emergency information.

Working closely with the news media is an important function of this office. On average, the PIO handles 630 news media contacts and/or interview requests a year. Those contacts resulted in more than 370 print and broadcast news stories last year. In addition, the Public Information Office produces a quarterly newsletter for its employee, Board proclamations, State of the County Presentation, Fiscal Year Public Budget Hearing Presentation and ads promoting County resources.

Maintaining the public’s trust and confidence in the Public Information Office is paramount. The PIO subscribes to the Code of Ethics prescribed by the Public Relations Society of America along with all local, State and Federal laws.

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