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Gautier, MS 39553

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Microchip your pet today

Microchip your pet today

Jackson County Animal Shelter

The Jackson County Animal Shelter was established in 1985 and is the only animal shelter in the county. It is located on three acres adjacent to the County soccer complex on Audubon Lane in Gautier, just off Highway 90. The shelter handles all animal control needs for all the county's municipalities.

The shelter has the capacity to accommodate 154 medium sized animals (cats and dogs), and four larger animals, such as goats and horses.

Animal control officers work to serve the unincorporated sections of the county. The officers work during regular hours but are always on call, including nights, weekends and holidays to answer emergency calls, such as dog bites and reports of rabid animals.

The shelter averages almost 100 pet adoptions a month. Unfortunately, for every animal adopted five new animals arrive at the shelter.

Spaying & Neutering

There is a serious over-population of dogs and cats in our communities. As a result thousands of stray and unwanted animals must be euthanized every year.

There are many advantages to spaying or neutering your pet. Besides reducing the number of unwanted animals who are destroyed every year, sterilizing your animal also helps make your pet healthier and more content and prevents the stray animal problems that often occur when a female dog or cat is in heat.

Animal Control Ordinances

Paraphrased Excerpts:

  • Every person who owns, possesses, or harbors or keeps a dog or cat over three months old shall have and keep such dog or cat inoculated against rabies. The vaccination should be administered annually and given by a licensed veterinarian.
  • It is unlawful for any dog, cat, domesticated livestock, or any other owned animal to run at large upon the streets, alleys, or other public or private property not your own unless restrained by a leash or lead.
  • All domesticated animals must be SECURELY confined to your property.

Violations of any of the above laws may result in your animal being impounded, or charges being filed against you, or both.

Fines from charges filed in court can be as much as $100 plus court costs for each count on each charge.

Animals impounded at the shelter have to be reclaimed by their owners after paying an impound fine and a daily care fee.