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Mark Watts

Prosecuting Attorney

P.O. Box 1499

Pascagoula, MS 39568-1499

408 Convent Avenue

Pascagoula, MS 39567-4101

(228) 769-2373

(228) 769-1417

County Prosecutor

  • County Court

The Prosecuting Attorney is responsible for prosecuting cases that occur within the county but outside any incorporated areas.

Represents the State in the Justice & County Courts involving the following case types:

  • Felony investigations and preliminary hearings
  • County court criminal cases and those appealed to the circuit court
  • Misdemeanors

Case Examples: Sheriff Department Cases, Highway Patrol Cases, Dept. of Wildlife Cases, Dept. of Marine Resource Cases, DUI Hardship Cases, Liquor License Violations

In cooperation/assistance with the District Attorney

  • Criminal and civil cases in which the state, county or any municipality within the county has interest
  • Misdemeanors, youth court proceedings and other cases not specifically granted to DA
  • Appear on behalf of the DA if designated to do so