Pre-Trial Diversion Program

The Pre-Trial Diversion program allows first time, non-violent offenders an opportunity to not have a criminal record if they successfully complete numerous goal-oriented conditions. This diversion program results in benefits to the participant, the community, the courts, and the jails by reducing the costs on our court system and lowering the rate of return offenders.

The program provides education and tools through specialized programs that are tailored to the individual needs of offenders, helping them become better and more productive members of society.

Conditions when Pre-Trial Diversion is appropriate:

  • The offender is eighteen (18) years of age or older;
  • There is a substantial likelihood that justice will be served if the offender is placed in an intervention program;
  • It is determined that the needs of the offender and the state can better be met outside the traditional criminal justice process;
  • It is apparent that the offender poses no threat to the community;
  • It appears that the offender is unlikely to be involved in further criminal activity;
  • The offender, in those cases where it is required, is likely to respond quickly to rehabilitative treatment;
  • The offender has no significant history of prior delinquency or criminal activity;
  • The offender has been indicted and is represented by an attorney; and
  • The court has determined that the Office of District Attorney or the Mississippi Department of Corrections has sufficient support staff to administer such an intervention program.