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County Officials

Tax Collector Topics:

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 998
Pascagoula, MS 39568

Physical Locations:

Pascagoula (Main) Office  
2915 Canty Street
Pascagoula, MS

Phone Number: 228.769.3072
or 228.769.3265
Fax: 228.696.6518
West Jackson County Office
Jackson County Tax & Health Bldg.
6912 N. Washington Avenue
Ocean Springs, MS
Phone Number: 228.872.8178
Fax: 228.875.3201 

Monday- Friday

Vehicle Registration (Tags)
Real Estate (Property) Taxes

8 am - 4:50 pm

Mobile Home Registrations
New Privilege LIcense

8 am - 4:30 pm

Real Estate Taxes


Collection of Taxes

How are Real Estate (Property) Taxes Calculated?
The taxes owed on  Real or Personal Property are determined annually by --

  1. Tax Assessor: valuation of the property
  2. Board of Supervisors:  millage rates
  3. MS Department of Revenue:  approval of the roll

Once the role is approved, the Tax Collector sends out notices and owners have the following dates to keep in mind:

  • February 1st  Deadline for paying property taxes without accruing interest
  • February 2nd Interest will begin to accrue at 1% per month
  • August 1st Publication Fee ($3 for 1999) will be added to taxes owed (this is for advertising the lien in the local paper)
  • Last Monday of August Property lien will be auctioned at the Annual Sale of Delinquent Taxes

View Current Property Tax information - On-Line
To access this information click this link to Delta Computer Systems: http://www.deltacomputersystems.com/MS/MS30/INDEX.HTML

Current Year Millage Rates
To determine your Taxing District and view current year millage rates click here

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Taxation but Were Afraid to Ask
For a short PDF providing a better understanding of present-day local government, how it operates, and how tax rates are determined click here

How do I pay my property tax if it is not included in my mortgage payment?

Mississippi1Stop.com allows residents of Mississippi to renew their tags on-line.
To access this website click this link: Mississippi 1-Stop - Pay Property Tax On-Line

In Person
Residents can renew their tags at one of the Tax Collector Offices (see left column for addresses).  The Ocean Springs office has a manned drive through window for payments.

By Mail
Use the address in left column.

Charge Backs

The Tax Collector is responsible for collecting Charge Backs for the state. A Charge Back is the amount (or excess amount) of Homestead Exemption incorrectly paid to the owner by the State.  The overpayment is due to the  incorrect filing of State Income Taxes by the owner.  The State will notify the owner in ample time for the owner to pay the amount due back before it gets turned over to the Tax Collector and becomes a Charge Back. 

The property lien can be included in the Sale of Delinquent Taxes if the owner fails to pay the Charge Back by the date of the sale.

City Clean-Up Charge

Property owners in violation of city zoning ordinances are given citations by their particular city.  Once the city determines the property owner has no plans to improve the condition of the property, the city itself will clean the property.   The cost incurred, by the city, for the clean up will be recorded and turned over to the Tax Collector to add to the property owner's taxes.  

The property lien can be included in the Sale of Delinquent Taxes if the owner fails to pay the City Clean-Up Charge by the date of the sale.

Annual Sale of Delinquent Taxes

All fiscal year taxes that have not been paid by the last FRIDAY before the tax sale will be auctioned at the County's annual Tax Sale.  After a lien has been sold, the owner of the property has 2 years from the purchase date to pay the taxes plus the interest (1.5% per month) accrued up to that date through the Chancery Clerk's office. 

Property owners are required to pay their delinquent taxes (oldest first) prior to paying their current year taxes.

How does the purchaser of the delinquent lien benefit?
If the owner of the property does not pay the taxes within 2 years from the purchase date the purchaser can acquire the property. 

- OR -

If the owner of the property does pay the taxes within 2 years from the purchase date, the purchaser will be reimbursed the initial amount of the lien plus 1.5% interest on that initial amount, not to include the overbid.

When is the sale held?
The sale begins the last Monday of August each year. 
It is held from 8:30am - 4:30pm until all delinquent parcels have been sold. 
The sale usually lasts about five to seven days.

Where is the sale held?
The sale is held in the main lobby of the Old Courthouse at 3104 Magnolia Street, Pascagoula.

Do you have to register for the sale and is there a fee?
Yes, you must register for the tax sale.  We start registering the week before the sale until the last day of the sale.
There is no fee.  However, a current photo ID and Social Security Number is required for all bidders or individuals representing companies.

Do you have to be present to participate in the sale?

Yes. You or a representative must be present at the sale.  There are no over-the-counter, phone or fax purchasing.

How are the sales advertised?
A listing of approximately 5000 parcels is advertised in the local paper, The Mississippi Press, on the two Wednesdays preceding the sale.

What types of payment are accepted?
Cash, check, money order, cashier's check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover Cards are accepted. Please Note: If using a credit card each transaction will incur a convenience fee. This fee is not assessed by your government. Mississippi State Law prohibits the tax collector from paying credit or debit card fees. When paying with a credit or debit card, a seperate non-refundable 3% convenience fee will be charged to your card as payment to the credit card company for processing your transaction.

Once the tax sale has ended the Tax Collector turns everything over to the Chancery Clerk's Office