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county administration:

Barbara Dumas-Marshall

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 998
Pascagoula, MS 39568

Physical Address:
2915 Canty Street, Suite P
Pascagoula, MS 39567
Phone Numbers:
Mon - Fri
8am - noon, 1pm - 5pm




CDBG… CIAP… GOMESA… HUD… These letters might look like some type of code but in reality these letters represent just a few of the sources of the County’s grant funding.   

FEMA… MEMA… MDEQ… MDA… Yep, a few more examples of the County’s grant funding. All together, the County is currently managing nearly $100 million in state and federal grant money applied across a dozen departments. 

The County's Grants Department was established in Jan. 2008 to help other County departments track and manage current grants; along with researching and soliciting new grants.

The Grants Department is also responsible for developing the filing policies and paperwork procedures in order to meet the deadlines and requirements set by the Funders. The Department is managed by the Director, who reports to the County Administrator .

Other primary functions of the Jackson County Grant Department include the following:

• Research, identify, apply for, and monitor federal, state, local, and private grants for the county.
• Assists other county departments with their application and monitoring processes for grants they initiate, as well.
• Provide oversight, management, coordination and monitoring of a variety of inter and intra-departmental projects
  and county-wide programs.
• Acts as liaison between federal, state, local and private grants for other county departments, as requested.
• Generate grant program and policy related recommendations for elected officials and county staff and assist in 
  its implementation.
• Facilitate the preparation and timely submission of monthly, quarterly, annually and/or bi-annual reports to state,
  federal, and local authorities.
• Facilitates any negotiation disputes and/or changes regarding project or program initiatives and compliance.
• Coordinate the auditing, monitoring and scheduling of grant reports of various departments and coordinate with
  Finance to set up accounts for each individual grant.
• Prepare budgets, analyses and periodic reports reflecting grant fund status.

Please select from the drop down menu below to view some of the Grants Department Projects.

Grant Project: